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The Eco-Friendly Fuel of the Future

Publish Date - 20/12/2023

A carbon-negative crop that can contribute to the mitigation of climate change, algae are also a viable source of biofuel. Working with Hiroshima University, Mazda is making significant inroads into its future use.

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The Artisan of t he Amalfi Coast

Publish Date - 13/12/2023

The history of craftsmanship on Italy’s Amalfi Coast runs deep, and the community of artisans who work there exude dedication, perseverance, and challenger spirit.

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A Thread of Inspiration

Publish Date - 09/11/2023

The story of the Japanese art of kumihimo is one of creativity, beauty, and an enduring challenger spirit for survival.

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Japan Motor Show

Publish Date - 10/11/2023

Mazda is creating an exciting future fuelled through a shared love of cars, and the Japan Mobility Show has proved the perfect platform to highlight this new approach…

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Precision Meets Passion

Publish Date - 11/11/2023

Takefu Knife Village is home to a community of craftspeople who have bonded together for one common purpose: to make the best knives in the world.

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Heart Of Hiroshima

Publish Date - 12/11/2023

The loyal baseball fans of the Hiroshima Toyo Carp embody the community spirit of a city. Zoom-Zoom investigates.

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Spirit of the City

Publish Date - 13/11/2023

iroshima’s Sakurao Brewery & Distillery embodies a century-long distillation legacy, blending tradition and innovation. Using local botanicals and pioneering methods, the distillery is a testament to Hiroshima’s spirit of craftsmanship and its cultural essence.

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Japanes Aesthetics Connect the Past and Present

Publish Date - 14/11/2023

The Ryoanji temple in Kyoto, Japan, offers visitors the chance for self-reflection and to appreciate the distraction-free aesthetic of traditional Japanese architecture and design.

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The Warm Embrace of Japanese Coffe Culture

Publish Date - 15/11/2023

In Japan, the traditional coffee shop, known as a kissaten, has an important role to play. It transcends barista craftsmanship to become a vital centrepiece of the neighbourhood through a tranquil atmosphere and hand-brewed coffee.

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